Ellingson kids

My sister-in-law traveled all the way from Texas to visit Utah family for a few weeks. We had talked about taking some pictures of the kids and so we met up early one morning for some great lighting and I took some pictures of your cute kids! It has been so nice to see them and visit since we don't make it down to San Antonio much!:)

the Warr family

I had so much fun going out to the lake with one of my best friends from college and her cute family. Their little boy King is such a sweet boy and was very curious about his new "playground" he found by the lake! He found new toys like rocks, sticks, golfballs, and bottles. :)
*side note: the wind was crazy! I am amazed we got some good ones with Lorie's hair going every which way.. but it added a nice touch to the scene!:)


Liam, Harper, Bella and Gracie

oh these 4 are adorable that is all I can say! They were so much fun to photograph and spend the morning with. Their mom is seriously SUPER MOM and had all four dressed, hair done and ready to go by 7am! We had great lighting too! These kids were so well-behaved and cooperated so well! Here are a few of my favorites!


Sweet Adelaide!

I went up to my friends house in Layton this last weekend and took some pictures of her sweet baby girl who is 7 days old! I absolutely LOVE her name!! She was such a good sleeper during this photo shoot!