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Brooklyn Photographer: Charlie

 I had cute little Charlie in the studio the other day. He is such a cute little boy and growing so fast!


Brooklyn Photographer: Etsy shop items

 For Bergen's ONE year birthday I ordered a cute onesie from this etsy shop here. After her photoshoot, I sent the owner a few pictures of how it turned out and she asked if I would take more pictures of her bows. She sent me some bows for the girls to keep in exchange for some pictures and so we spent a few mornings last week taking some photos! It was a fun experience to try out as it was my first photoshoot in our new apartment and I realized the lighting isn't as good as I hoped it would be. But they still turned out really cute! Check out her etsy shop for any bows or onesies you need!


Brooklyn Photographer: Baby Elsie

Last year I was able to take some family photos of this cute family  HERE and now they have a new baby girl, Elsie! We were able to take some newborn photographs and some family ones as well. Their little boy, Ro, was so cute with his little sister!


Brooklyn Photographer: Kicky Baby Photoshoot

A friend of mine owns the cutest children's clothing Etsy shop. It's called Kicky Baby and she makes harem pants, dolman tops, dresses, shorts and bibs. I have been taking pictures for her of the clothing she makes for a while and I loved doing this most recent photoshoot. She had a lot of inventory that she needed modeled so we met at a nearby playground with a few friends and their kids. We just let the kids play on the playground equipment in the clothing while I went around and photographed them. It really showed how fun and playful the clothing is. Check out her site here!