Brooklyn Photographer: Charlie Wynne

I had such a great time with this handsome boy this week! Meet 7 week old Charlie. He did so good throughout his photoshoot and even fell asleep at the end! I love a good morning with a snuggly newborn!


Brooklyn Photographer: Lars Koen

Meet my newest nephew, Lars Koen. He is such a sweetheart! I traveled back to Washington State to visit family and cuddle with this little dude. He is a mother's dream! So quiet, calm and content. It was so fun taking a few pictures of him and being able to snuggle with a sweet newborn again!
These two older brothers crack me up. They are best frenemies... (friends one minute-enemies the next:) 
Haha.. my husband thinks this is the most awkward picture but I think it's cute! 
Melissa is such a good mom! So patient and loving to her three boys.