Schwab Family

I went back to this beautiful spot as I had with the Blackwell's and photographed this gorgeous family! Chandi and I became best friends a few years ago through our neighborhood and running! We trained for a few races/marathons together. I will always remember those fun days of waking up at 5am week after week, month after month to run with her!


Barnett Family

We went to up American Fork Canyon and took some pictures of this beautiful family! Jenny is my cousin and she has 8 wonderful children! I love her and Brian so much and am honored to call them family. It was a pretty day up the canyon with the fall leaves turning colors and the cool crisp air!

Blackwell family

I was able to do a few photo shoots before moving to Brooklyn New York! That's right.. we are moving across the country to the beautiful state of New York. I am excited, scared, happy, nervous and giddy about this new adventure! Here are some photos I took of the Blackwell family in their very own backyard! They have a fun barn, horses, haystacks, white picket fence.. you name it! It was a bit windy as you can tell in some of the photos, but I thought they all turned out darling! What a cute family!!