Welcome to my first post! :) I am so excited to start photographing kids and newborns. It has always been my passion and dream! Since I am just getting started, I am going to post pictures on this blog while I try to work on a cool website! :)
Since March is the month of love... wait that was February. Okay since March is TOMORROW and it's the month of "madness" (bball anyone?) and spring time I wanted to do ALL my photo shoots FREE for the month of March! I would love to come take pictures of your little ones to help start up my business and portfolio! Enjoy these pics of my cute nephew Max!


 I love this girl so much! She is right at the mobile age where taking pictures can be difficulut becasue all she wants to do is MOVE! She was so good though and loved to clap for her mom holding a necklace right above my camera!:) sneaky...


my photography blog!

I am so excited to bring you Madison Ellingson Photography! Please check back soon for some of my most recent newborn shots!