Brooklyn Photographer: Baby Bergen

When you are a newborn photographer, and just recently gave birth to a baby yourself, you have an excuse to take an excess amount of pictures! That is exactly what I did this last weekend with the help of my husband. On May 14th, Bergen came into our family and we couldn't be more happier. She is the sweetest baby!
And a couple with big sister! 


Brooklyn Photographer: Maternity Photos

This family is about to be a family of 4! I am so excited for them! We went to the park last week and took a few maternity photos and the lighting was perfect! Stay tuned for newborn photos of baby when he arrives! 


Brooklyn Photographer: Cute Henry

Last fall I photographed this cute family HERE and just this last weekend I was able to capture their sweet 14 month old again. Henry is super happy and always had a smile on! He just barely started walking which posed a challenge to capture him quick but luckily we had a chair for him to sit on and say cheese!